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As a classic product of the new generation instant wall-hung boiler with plate heat exchanger, Polar series wall -hung boiers not only follows the original product stable and reliable characteristics, but also significantly improves the installation, use, maintenance and control, so that you can enjoy the quality of life. The application of condensing technology, gas self-adaptive technology and wide range regulation technology makes it a flagship product in the home gas heaing and DHW industry.

polar K.png

Main features


 ■ Polar K is a revolutionary product based on Polar F thanks to its

    advanced condensing technology

 ■ New condensing stainless steel main heat exchanger with extra wide

    water passages, which reduces the risk to be blocked

 ■ Advaced condensing technology helps to reduce the gas consumption

    greatly and increase the heating confortbility

 ■ Its minimal output power can be decreased to 2.4 kW,  so there is no

    uncomfortable DHW temperature floating in summer even under extremly

    operationg situations
 ■ Modulation ratio of power output reaches incredible 1:10
■ Smart adaptive gas valve
■ Condense dry siphon
■ Brass hydraulic group meet DIN standards

 ■ ICS (Intelligent Combustion System) guarantees a perfect combustion

    in all conditions
 ■ NOx Class 6 in accordance with UNI EN15502-1

Technical datum

Polar K参数表.png
Polar K尺寸图.png
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Polar 25K水泵曲线.png
Polar 30K水泵曲线.png
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