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Unbelievable 1:10

Condensing combustion technology, as a mature and widely used technology in the EU, has made a huge contribution to the energy saving and emission reduction of the entire EU. However, with the continuous deepening of our research and development, the use of condensing technology to expand the adjustment range of the output power of the wall-hung boiler has become another technological breakthrough.

The output power adjustment range of traditional condensing wall-hung boilers is generally around 1:5, which means that the minimum output power can be as small as one-fifth of the maximum output power. Normally, the tap water inlet temperature is relatively high in summer. If the user's water flow is relatively small, that is, the temperature of hot water of the wall-hung boiler may be too hot sometimes and then too cold. To solve this problem, we have introduced POLAR K/KR products with the latest 1:10 condensation technology to the market.

The POLAR K series wall-hung boilers using this technology can precisely control the heat supply, which ensures the users always get constant domestic hot water.

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