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Über uns



About us

KUHNN - a heating brand coming from Germany.

KUHNN Wärmeenergie GmbH located on the banks of river Main in Germany keeps on devoting ourselves to use up-to-date German HAVC technology and provide top quality products in order to reduce the haze and carbon emission for the comfortable life of each family, because we are firmly convinced “Innovative Technology, Leading the Future’’.


Delicate life in German style together with KUHNN

KUHNN is a professional HAVC company with advance manufacturing technology and strong R&D capability. We commit ourselves to the product R&D and innovation in order to improve the efficiency, product reliability and product durability. The latest technology used is helpful to reduce the energy consumption, at the same time it can also satisfy the different requests of the modern end users to smart home system and comfortable domestic hot water.


KUHNN has become one of the leading brands in domestic gas appliance industry in Europe, and we will do our best to avoid bringing any negative influence to the environment caused by our products, service and operation. 

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