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​Taka K


The powerful intelligent control system makes Taka become your personal heating and hot water housekeeper. The super large display screen can make you know the operation status of the boiler at a glance, such as: the set temperature of heating and hot water, real-time temperature and outdoor temperature, system water pressure, current time, output power percentage and pre-heating program of domestic hot water. Of course, the use of high-end condensation technology makes the Taka 35K a well deserved flagship product in the Taka series.

taka K.png

Main features


Time K is a reverlutionary product based on Time F, so it has all the

   advatages of Time F

Advaced condensing technology helps to reduce the gas consumption

   greatly and increase the heating confortbility

Its minimal output power can be decreased to 3.2 kW,  so there is no

   uncomfortable DHW temperature floating in summer even under 

   extremly situations

■ Condensing stainless steel heat exchanger
■ Modulation ratio of output power is 1:10

■ Modulation pump helps ro reduce 50% electricity consuption
■ Large stainless steel plate to plate DHW exchanger helps ot get more     stable domestic hot water
■ Brass hydraulic group

■ Multifunction control system: more than 40 configurable parameters to 

   optimize adaptation to any plant
■ Automatic filling valve
■ PLUS programmable function, allowing DHW pre-heating at three

   temperature levels
■ 6 NOx Class in accordance with UNI EN15502-1

Technical datum

Taka K参数表.png
Taka K尺寸图.png
Product size
Pump curve
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